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International Record Label

We are a professional group of artists helping artists, building sustainable careers in the music industry.

What We Do...

What It Means To Be Signed With Us

Unlike traditional major or indie labels, our hybrid label does NOT take a percentage of your royalties. You keep ownership of your songs. Our job is to devise strategies and marketing plans to help you get more attention and ultimately sell more records, book better paying shows, and assist you in every way possible. It costs nothing to be on our label and you're never obligated to buy anything, but without a budget or a willingness to invest in your career, we'll be limited in what we can do for you. We're here to guide, coach and consult and should you need a service that we can provide, we'll help you make the right purchases.

We’re looking for artists who are ready to turn their passion for creating music into a business and career. Artists will need willingness, dedication and determination. Getting signed to our label will NOT make you famous overnight nor do we guarantee that you'll ever be famous. There will be a lot of work to be done and we will do our best to move your career to the next level. Make no mistake. This is just the beginning of what will most likely be a long process. If you do not have a press kit to submit for label consideration, we offer this service at a low price. Please send an email to info@atlasstarrecords.com

What we do not do...

How We Differ

Our company is comprised of artists that have been through every challenge this industry can throw at us. We do not give advances or sign on bonuses for many reasons. A fast cash advance from a big, major label may sound exciting but we strongly advise to never give up ownership to your intellectual property. Your unique and individual stamp that you can leave on the world through your passion for creating music should be yours and yours alone. If you want to have no control over the direction you'll be forced to take by accepting a 360 deal with a major label, by all means, go for it. We wish you the best of luck. But wouldn't you rather stay independent with the support of a label who isn't trying to put you in major debt and allowing you to keep creative control?


Joe Gallagher Jr.- Founder, CEO

Professional singer-songwriter in the industry over 25 years. Author of "Lumped Up: Dreams To Die For". Executive producer and creator of Party Animals Reality TV.

Michael Gallagher- CFO, Artist Relations, Business Consultant

Manages operations and consults artists on business strategies. Prepares artists for marketing campaigns and endorsement deals.

Cindirella- Songwriter, Talent Scout

When Cindirella isn't working on new material, she is scouring the internet for the next great artist. She has a keen eye for talent.

Logan Monte- Producer, Singer-Songwriter for Cloverdale, A&R Executive

Logan is very skilled at many things. He can provide artists with the development they need to grow or perform any mixing/mastering that needs to be done to make a release really stand out.

Juliet Shaks- A&R, Executive Producer, Booking Agent-Kenya Division

Juliet manages artists, organizes events, and handles artist relations overseeing the label's function throughout the country of Kenya

Joseph Scott Adimula-International A&R Director

A whole book can be written on his story but let's just say that he went from carrying bricks for $20 a month to helping artist reach their dreams right from his living room.

Lindsay Mulder-A&R, Career Consultant

Owner of Rock Prairie Productions, Lindsay has vast knowledge and experienced in the industry. She keeps us all on our toes.

Dianna Stropshire-A&R, Sales Manager

Dianna is a sharpshooter when it comes to finding talent and building relationships. She puts 150% into what she does. She's an excellent addition to our team.

Amanda Floyd Edmunds-A&R, Booking Manager

Amanda has a very keen sense for spotting talent and knows exactly what they need to move up the ladder.

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