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Bailey Perrie- Not Gonna Wait

Bailey Perrie Announces New Single “Not Gonna Wait”
Bailey Perrie is releasing her newest song is titled “Not Gonna Wait” on April 23, 2021. This Pop Rock tune is upbeat, fun, and guaranteed to be a hit — especially with the younger crowd. “Not Gonna Wait” will be available on all major streaming services so that everyone has a chance to listen. Despite her young age, Perrie writes all of her music herself, and Byron Keno from Perth, Western Australia produces her music. Perrie is also signed to indie record label, Atlas Star Records, so she can reach a larger audience and have guidance for her blossoming musical career.
When asked the meaning behind this song, Bailey Perrie said, “This song is about how boys can be too shy these days and they don't take the risk of asking a girl out — it is to show that we aren't going to wait forever.” She continues, to state that she currently has a crush on a boy who doesn’t seem to notice, which makes her unsure about whether he likes her back. This crush, and the realization that girls shouldn’t have to wait around for boys to make the first move, was the inspiration behind this song.
For the release, Bailey has hopes of celebrating with a premiere party, but with COVID-19 still present, they may keep it small with only family and friends celebrating together.
About Bailey Perrie
Bailey Perrie is a 14 year old singer from Perth, Western Australia. Perrie has dreams of
changing the world, and hopes to accomplish this through music. When asked the question “if there’s one thing you could change in the world, what would it be?” she said, “World peace, well that and I would love for people from all walks of life to have the same opportunities with music to share their talent with the world.”
Perrie’s goal is to continue making music and spread her music to as many people as possible so that she can continue doing what she loves and giving people what they want to hear.
Bailey would like to thank:
My Mum and Dad for financing my video and the hours of planning and preparation. @byronkeno for producing the track
@zenonsamuals for filming the video
@miaskyemodelling for supplying me with so many awesome actors
@onebigvoice for always nurturing my music dreams
The drama and music department of Mater Dei College for believing in me.
And last but definitely not least @atlasstarrecords for guidance in getting my music out to the world.

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