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Interview With Diamond Boy

Diamond Boy Interview with Atlas Star News
What was your life like when you first started doing music?
Diamond Boy: My life was very difficult when I started music. I couldn't afford to pay a studio session cause of lack of finance. Nobody supported or encouraged my dream. Some people even mock at me and told I wasn't going anywhere with my musical career
Where are you from?
Diamond Boy: I hail from Ekugatai; a native village in etung local government area of ikom in Cross river state Nigeria. Though I was born in ekok; a border town of Cameroon to Nigeria. I grew up in ekok, attended my primary school there and eventually furthered my education in Buea; the capital town of the Southwest region of Cameroon
How did you come up with your fluid and signature style?
Diamond Boy: I came up with it during my secondary school days when we used to compete with friends for the best signature. I had to practice many signatures but I found out that this particular one was nice so I maintained it till date.
What inspires you to make music?
Diamond Boy: I was inspired to do music because of the joy, happiness and peace of mind I get whenever I listen to music. I was highly motivated and inspired to educate, motivate and indoctrinate people. To pass some good messages across the world, messages of hope and kindness of help and love. I believed I can use music to change my family situation of adversity and to prove to the very poor homes that there's still hope in life as long as you don't give up no matter your situation or origin.
What is the first accomplishment you want to have?
Diamond Boy: The first accomplishments I want to have is to be successful and change my family background. I just want to be a voice of inspiration and motivation to the hopeless and brokenhearted. I want to be famous for good messages through music
Where do you vision your music going?
Diamond Boy: I vision my music to go worldwide. Global and international, cause my music got no boundaries. As long as I can put up songs that can make people smile, reconcile and join them together then that's my music vision
How would you describe your music to someone who never heard it?
Diamond Boy: Well to someone who has never heard my music I'll described my music to them as motivational and inspirational and capable to mend broken homes and educate both the young and the old
If there was one thing you can change in the world, what would it be?
Diamond Boy: If there was one thing I can change in the world it world be corruption. Corruption has led many dreams die off and rendered men with high intelligence and potentials useless and hopeless. It's the main reason why majority of Africans are poor while a few are super rich. Corruption can let a true talent down in favour of an incompetent one just because of the finance and connection
What's your biggest obstacle right now that stands in your way of reaching your goals?
Diamond Boy: The biggest obstacle now between me and my goal is just one thing; lack of finance and sponsorship. I believed i f I had the finance to record, promote and distribute my songs worldwide for people to listen, then nothing will ever stop me from becoming a star as others. Cause my songs are good with every vibe you can enjoy anywhere at anytime
What do you consider being the reason you were given your talent?
Diamond Boy: I was given the talent to voice out the frustration we faced everyday as commoners and i was given the talent to help spread out some message of hope to the hopeless

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