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Interview with Dodkray

Where are you from?

Dodkray: Am from Nigeria osun osogbo

What was your life like when you first discovered your passion for music? 

It's funny tho,I was in junior high school and I had some group of friends ya know sometimes high school class singing with drums been beat on the tables and does who can sing and Rap perform...

I had a strong sense and passion for rapping and I was learning it at that time then I was given the directions by a friend named ayo aka ayson pretty much could say he taught me how to put some lines together coz I wasn't familiar with the outside world or music style...but ever since I knew how to control my pen and deliver my thoughts things have never been the same but for the good of my life and my family.
How did you come up with your unique sound and lyrics?
Just like I said it was due to the school class mini performance but I could say I was influenced by some of our local rappers like Olamide,lil kesh I tried singing like them but didn't work coz my accent was quite different and I couldn't speak much of the local language since it was been influenced locally ..so I switched to international songs,I started listening to nasty c from south Africa but wasn't enough for me then I found Eminem he changed my view of music,learnt alot of things from his music since our stories are pretty much the same ....
So I had to find my own path I started writing and making my own sound till today dodkray music 🥰,tho you could feel the impact of Eminem on how I write my songs sometimes NF.


What inspires you to make music?

My inner struggles ,the fight to win and battle my way from dying 😔and am winning so.i decided to help people out with my music coz music is powerful when ya truly know the value of it. 

What is the first accomplishment you want to have?

First be financially stable to help my family and myself and people else and am achieving that with the help of YAWEH and Atlas star records,then fame and win awards

Where do you vision your music going?

I vision my music beating the old generations and upholding the legacy of true music , beating past records and setting up records of my own...just as the saying goes the new generations beat the old ones so I'll too
How would you describe your music to someone who never heard it?
Emotional, meaningful inspiring calming cues been hit ,sad happy and powerful messages ya need to hear to understand when ya truly want too


If there was one thing you can change in the world, what would it be?

Ohhh my greatest dream is to help people as long as my days are been graciously given to me by Christ,and help them in all way I can physically emotionally I'll change the world from poverty,abject poverty isn't something ya could joke with ...take it from me
What's your biggest obstacle right now that stands in your way of reaching your goals?
My biggest obstacle hmmmm,where I am I believe one has to move from your hometown to be recognized just like Jesus did.
I want to travel out and play and pursue my career would give me a lot of enlightenment.


What do you consider being the reason you were given your talent?

There's no story without a blessing, giving this talent is a blessing and am expected to share it with people make them feel special just like the lord made me special.


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