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Interview With Tonka Ru

Where are you from?


Born in HighPoint, NC , raised in the Tre 4 also known as Winston Salem, NC



How has your environment affected your life and ultimately your music?

Officially my environment affected my life , by showing me to Capitalize off my Curiosity and ignorance , Which affected my music by adapting to surroundings and environments that forced me to alter the way I maneuvered, to find a way out of a dark and treacherous past. Long story short , simply synchronized more with my spirituality.



What was the first defining moment that made you want to pursue a career in music?

When I was 8 years old , I was in 3rd grade and used to write my peer’s poems and help finish up stories and summaries. I also used to write my own story books to read myself to sleep . And when I figured I had a lot to say , and the power of the knowledge GOD has given me, I then committed and pursued, and now I’m 20 and look at me. 



How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it?


I would describe my music more so as a way for someone else to open up doors to their Opportunities felt out for their life, only because I chose to use versatility and diverted ways of thinking, I’m big on vernacular and using that as my propaganda. It’s energetically inspiring, smooth, hype, and tempting. 


Is there someone in your life that influenced your work ethic?

Of course, First off that’s a shout out to my Grandmother who passed away in 2018. Since a kid she always gave me the impression that I was a star, and was gonna be the one to take care of us. And also my Mom , she’s the Hustler, we all are but she motivated me with her life story and what we went through together even tho there are scars , I utilize that to try and make everyone happy . Bc an unhappy Mom is a kamikaze bomb. And my Girlfriend and rest of my family as well. Hardships make these things easier fasho fasho. 


Are there any artists that you look up to? Either their skills as an artist or their lifestyle?

Initially I really look up to Artist from Africa and other countries and backgrounds because they are the true warriors to deception. They taught me how to fight against it , but don’t get me wrong I appreciate my American lifestyle but too much sometimes is enough, but here at home I really look up to SauxePaxk TB, Almighty Blizus, Mac Miller, NBA YoungBoy, and Hurricane Chris 



What things outside of music do you value most? 


First things first , Loyalty. Out. Values. Everything. Secondly Family and My Health and Wealth. Also the fact that you can learn everyday and pic different outcomes to your life as an artist , and take advantage of adversity bc nothing else teaches better than life.


What kinds of things are you looking forward to as far as your career goes?


More connections with fans and friends, Love spreader in every direction up down left and right,  a broader range to spread more messages to people who need them. 


What’s your main goal in the next 5 years?

My main goal is to become a better and brighter person for today and the future and take things to a level beyond reach of remembrance and give back to the environment and community.



Where can people find your music?

You can find my Music on SoundCloud and YouTube 
SoundCloud— Tonka Ru
YouTube — Cold mirage Tonka Ru (it’s a song posted by various artist topic page) 



What’s your favorite song that you’ve written?


Anoti WizKid Phonk-mix (remix)


If there was one thing about the world you can change, what would it be?


The way people perceive the world and gain the knowledge to progress , prevail, and prosper as a Unit based on Category 👑

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