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Memorial Day Weekend by Madison Chaney

Memorial Day Weekend!!
I know that many of my readers aren’t located in the USA, therefore a post about Memorial Day weekend may not entirely resonate with you, but I promise to include some non-USA holidays in what I share as well in the future! For those of us who are located in the US, however, this holiday is one of our most important ones. That’s why I just have to talk about it!
So, what does Memorial Day have to do with music? Why am I talking about a holiday on a music blog? Easy. Memorial Day is about those who lost their lives fighting for this country — many, many artists have written songs dedicated to these brave men and women risking their lives for us. I know there’s lots of people (especially those in other countries looking at the United States) who think Memorial Day is just a day where American’s go out and get super drunk... But it’s more than that to so many of us. Music in particular is one way where people can express just how important this day is for Americans.
One artist in particular comes to mind because he is one of Atlas Star Records newest artists — C.C. Clevenger.
Clevenger released his single “Freedom Hymn” on April 1st of this year. “Freedom Hymn” is the go-to song of this Memorial Day weekend because it truly encapsulates the importance of what our soldiers do for this country. Clevenger stated, “Plain and simple this song is a big thank you to all who served, who is still serving, or going to serve — there's not enough thanks in the world for these brave men and women.” Well said! Clevenger’s song is available on major streaming services, so go ahead and give it a listen this Memorial Day weekend!!
Personally, I come from a military family. Both my dad and grandfather served in the military, so I’m acquainted with the horrors that can happen while being a soldier fighting for their country. I couldn’t imagine putting myself in that position to risk my life for the freedom of others, so it’s really important for me to give thanks to the brave men and women who do.
Again, I know this post in particular may not 100% resonate with every reader — but I know that every country has their own military fighting for their country, so even if you aren’t in the USA, find a way to give thanks to your brave military men and women!
I know everyone is itching to get out and have a great time now that COVID is on the downhill slope, but I want to remind everyone reading this (in the US especially) to be careful this Memorial Day weekend and be safe out there! Have fun, but stay safe

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