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Pebo Wilson-Rebel On The Wall

Pebo Wilson Releases New Song Titled “Rebel on the Wall” with Atlas Star Records
“Wild Man” Pebo Wilson is back at it again with his new single, “Rebel on the Wall” — a look back at growing up at his grandmother’s house and reminiscing on family photos. This single is available on all major music platforms, such as Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music. “Rebel on the Wall” was actually written by Pebo’s cousin, Chris Wallin, as they have a close family and working relationship. Both Chris and Pebo have released this song with their own stylistic touches.
Pebo already has a large fan base, but signing with Atlas Star Records allows him the extra push in the music industry to take his musical career to the next level and reach an even bigger audience. Pebo plans to continue making music for his fans and is currently on the road performing now that COVID-19 regulations have loosened up in the United States.
“Rebel on the Wall” is a Country ballad that appeals to everyone who reflects fondly on their childhood memories. This single is sure to be loved by all Country music fans and is already gaining popularity on music platforms.
About Pebo Wilson
Pebo Wilson is a Country Rock artist who is fluid through the genres. The artist can go from
Metal, to Country, to Gospel in a flash. Pebo, however, considers himself more of a Rock artist than anything else. Wilson is from Newport, Tennessee but now resides in Nashville, TN, where he continues to work on more songs for his fans. As an outdoorsman, Pebo stands out from other artists as an adrenaline junkie. He has a “no fear,” “nothing-to-lose” mentality — hence the nickname, “Wild Man.” Pebo has also released two other songs in the past few years which have been featured on the radio. These songs are called “Barns Burn Down” and “Drink Alone.” However, those are not his only releases. Like his newest song, these singles are available on all major music platforms.
Check out Pebo’s website for more information: PeboWilson.com

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