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Press Release For The Stardom Series

Atlas Star Records is making its way to Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee November 26th of this year. Nashville is only the beginning for this label — Atlas Star Records plans to have artists perform at every Hard Rock Cafe worldwide soon. This show, called The Stardom Series, is part of a 10-year-long vision by Atlas Star CEO, Joe Gallagher. Finally, his dream is becoming a reality. It is also an event dedicated to the U.S. Military.
Four Southern Rock and Country artists were chosen for this show based on their rapidly growing fanbase, popularity, and talent. CC Clevenger, Pebo Wilson, Rick Stone, and Aaron Evans are the four artists showcased at this performance.
CC Clevenger is originally from Tennessee but currently resides in Florida with his wife. Clevenger performs all across Florida bars and venues with other local musicians. His most recent album is titled “A Long Time Coming,” and he is also currently working on some new music for fans. “Freedom Hymn,” one of the songs off this album, is a tribute to the military. This song is Clevenger’s way of saying “thank you!” to those who serve(d).
Pebo “Wild Man” Wilson is also from Tennessee and currently lives right in the heart of Tennessee — Nashville. Wilson has released several popular singles over the years, but “Rebel on the Wall” (2020) is his newest Country ballad single. This song reminisces his life growing up and is sure to be a hit among everyone who hears it. Country isn’t the only genre Wilson specializes in, either, as he actually considers himself more of a Rock artist than anything else. This artist is sure to surprise and awe at a live performance, and you never know what to expect next!
Rick Stone is a traditional type of Country music artist from Chatsworth, Georgia. He performs both solo acts and with a band — The Band of Brothers. Stone released his first single in 2009 and has gained massive popularity since then! With one original album out so far titled “Home,” he is currently working on his second album. Stone may even feature a new song at this performance!
Aaron Evans lives in Tennessee and has a band called “Aaron Evans and the Low Down.” Evans’s band has mainly been a cover band playing small bar gigs locally, but now that they’re signed to Atlas Star Records, they have been recording an original album. Evans is also is a disabled veteran, so his performance at this show is especially impactful to the reason for this show.

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