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If you thought last week's blog post was controversial, then buckle your britches because this week I decided to take it up a notch! As you may know, June is Pride Month. I would be doing our friends a disservice if I didn’t talk about this important month. If you aren’t familiar with Pride Month then let me educate you -- Pride Month is a LGBTQ recognition month to honor the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan. This uprising was a turning point for the LGBTQ community, so the reason for this month is to shed light on the impact that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals have had on the world. 

So how does this relate to music? Let me tell you. Kat Cunning is a non-binary Pop singer/ songwriter, model, and actor from the US. For Pride Month, Kat Cunning released a music video for their new single “Boys:” a tribute to “transmasculine identity.” In the music video, the cast is wearing jackets that say, “Protect Trans Youth.” Kat states that this video was important for her to make because it represents the diversity in trans youth that is “often erased, exploited, or hardly peppered into the media.” This music video is a great representation of trans youth because it shows the beauty and joy they feel when they can truly express themselves. I think it’s amazing that Kat released this video to show the world what other outlets may portray in more of a negative light — if shown at all. 

More and more artists and musicians are taking the leap to be their authentic selves and tell the world they are LGBTQ. Demi Lovato is an example of an artist who recently came out as non- binary after years of hiding how she felt. While this is controversial among many, I think Demi (and others) are strong and brave for accepting themselves for who they are. After hundreds of years of LGBTQ individuals hiding their true selves and changing how they act to be accepted as “normal," they are now more comfortable expressing themselves in society. In Kat’s music video, you see the joy and happiness felt by the cast, showing how much happier they are now that they can express themselves freely. 

Every year we as a society get a little more accepting of the LGBTQ community, and as more and more influential artists embrace LGBTQ individuals, I can only hope that the people who are hateful towards this community learn that this intolerance is no longer accepted.
In case anyone wants to refer to the article I read while writing this post, "Kat Cunning Celebrates Trans Youth With ‘Boys’ Video," it can be found here: rollingstone.com/music/music- news/kat-cunning-boys-video-1185614/

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