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Raya Dize-Falling In Your Arms

Raya - Song Review “Falling In Your Arms”
Raya Dize is quickly creating a name for herself in the music industry as an international pop singer and songwriter. With several phenomenal songs already under her belt, Raya’s newest single, “Falling in Your Arms,” is set to be released April 30, 2021, with the music video.
Raya has a unique sound and style to her music that I can't quite place, likely due to her history as a classical pianist and her mixed heritage. This uniqueness, however, is what sets Raya apart from other pop singers in a wonderful way. “Falling in Your Arms” is haunting and beautiful — if gothic architecture had a theme song, this would be it. And, that is the grandest of compliments from someone like myself.
When asked the inspiration for this single, Raya Dize explained: “Hollywood is a beautiful cover for frustration, disappointment, and suffering. Many people sacrifice things they care about the most for fame. That's the price... That’s when I wrote ‘Falling in Your Arms.’” It is truly amazing how much the beautiful and poetic suffering comes through in this single. "Falling in Your Arms" is evocative and unforgettable. It should also be noted that this song is ultimately about faith and staying loyal to God, which is powerful. Sometimes we can lose ourselves, but it’s finding our way back that truly matters most.
“Falling in Your Arms” starts as a Slow Pop song featuring violin, piano, percussion, and sound design. The introduction of drums accompanies the speeding up of the single and really brings it to a new level. "Falling in Your Arms" is a dark pop song, which I love. Many pop songs are the traditional style of upbeat, perky, and “Katy Perry”-esque, but this single is different — and I appreciate that. It breaks through the norm and demands a place in the genre as a pop tune with a darker side.
While personally, I am not much of a pop listener, “Falling in Your Arms” breaks free from the genre in significant ways that I can’t help but love. For example, the inclusion of a violin at the beginning of the song was surprising and wonderful. As someone who listens to all types of genres, the mixing of musical instruments is always pleasing to hear. As previously mentioned, I also adore the more dark tone and depth this song features.
Usually, pop songs rely too much on the chorus. This single, however, includes just enough chorus (“catch me if I’m falling in your arms”) to be catchy, without overwhelmingly relying on the chorus throughout the song. Admittedly, there is more repetition near the end of the song, but Raya frames it in a way that really emphasizes her message and sounds terrific.
After the pleasure of listening to "Falling in Your Arms," I can't wait to hear more music from Raya Dize. She is such a wonderful artist with incredible depth and talent. You do not want to miss this single.

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