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We The People

I feel like all of my blog posts lately have been political, controversial, or argumentative. Well, here we go again folks. Today we are getting revolutionary where I talk about Netflix’s new series “We The People.” This musically proficient animated new series debuts on July 4th of this year with civic lessons for all ages and guest stars from popular music artists.
The New York Times described the series well when it said, “‘We the People’ Updates the Sound
of Schoolhouse Rock With Rap and R&B.” I don’t know how many of you saw the “Schoolhouse Rock!” series when you were younger, but this is a distinct reminder of that short series many of us were forced to watch in school. Instead of English, Mathematics and History, however, it focuses on civic engagement and attempts to make civic topics more appealing to young people.
Another difference between “Schoolhouse Rock!” and “We The People” is that this new series has a distinct Hip Hop and R&B vibe. One of the biggest reasons for this tone is that it causes more young viewers to actually click on the music videos and be interested, rather than the videos perceived as “boring.” It is also targeted more to teenage viewers because those few short teenage years are crucial to dictating how someone grows into as an adult. Are you going to become active in the world, voting and fighting for what’s right? Or, are you going to fade into the black, letting the world make you cold and uncaring? One major hope for this series is that it helps more young people want to take action and make the world a better place.
Fun fact: Barack and Michelle Obama are executive producers of this series. That’s not surprising — the couple works hard to bring topics such as this to light in our children’s lives. This has nothing to do with the rest of this post, but I thought it was important to share.
I know this isn’t exactly what you expected when you came across the blog today, but I think it’s so amazing we have the Obama’s and several popular artists coming together to teach youth about some things that are important in the world in a way that really seems interesting and relatable. This series will also feature musicians like Monaé, H.E.R., Andra Day, Brandi Carlile, and Adam Lambert — musicians that are well-known, admired, and frequently listened to by teenagers.
I do hope that this series becomes well-known and popular among the youth because it’s so important for us to educate and inspire the younger generation to take action. It’s just a bonus that this is happening with the help of music. Tell yo wife, tell yo kids, watch this show! That is all today :)

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