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Women Abused by Madison Chaney

Abuse in the Music Industry
I’m going to be completely honest, today’s blog post comes from the fact that I have been binge- watching “Law & Order: SVU” for the past month or more. With that being said... Sexual misconduct, rape, assault, and anything else that falls in this category — especially against women — is an important topic to discuss. How is it that this continues to be a problem?? It makes me sick. This topic isn’t anything new, but I still need to talk about it because until something changes and this type of abuse is no longer a problem, we have to speak up.
In the music industry, women are often mistreated, taken advantage of, and forced to use their sexuality as a means to succeed. Numerous counts have been brought to the surface recently, but there are still many who can't or won't come forward about their abuse.

I don’t consider myself a feminist by any means, but I know that women are often victims of sexual abuse and terror by their male counterparts. This abuse is especially prominent when the male is their boss, superior, manager, etc. And in these cases, the woman is forced to stay silent. 

Lara Baker, events manager at AIM, told Marie Claire: “A woman will be in a taxi with her boss or a client after a gig and he’ll suddenly start kissing or groping her and she’s expected not to mind. It’s not easy for her to speak out when it involves a colleague or client and her reputation is at stake.” More and more women have started speaking out again abuse and sexual misconduct, but there are still many who can’t do so — or who feel like they can’t.
This type of abuse isn’t only present in Hollywood, either. Even local music scenes suffer from this type of power imbalance and objectification against women. Honestly, it’s present everywhere, but for the purposes of this music blog, we are going to focus on music. I mean, we just live in a world where sexist attitudes continue to dominate despite our most powerful efforts to change this. I can’t say that this is all men because it’s not. There are a lot of men who are trying to help break the cycle, but unfortunately, this imbalance is something women still struggle with against much of the male population.
So what can we do to stop this type of abuse? For starters, women have to start really believing in themselves. We are in a world now where you can speak up against your abuser — you just have to have to do it. There isn't much of a stigma against rape and sexual abuse anymore, but women still feel the lingering sting. Many female musicians are speaking out against this type of abuse recently, so hopefully, we can soon make a real change in the industry. More than anything, something has to be done to tell these types of men that they cannot treat women this way — that it is not acceptable and will not be tolerated anymore. We have to change the discourse surrounding women and their place in society. We have to change how women are allowed to be treated. We have to fight this together, ladies!

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